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We extract such minerals

During mining, we strive for the most efficient processing of available raw materials. From individual deposits we can obtain first-class kaolin, as well as quartz sand and bentonite. We guarantee the highest quality of these minerals to all our customers.

From deposit in the Glukhovetskiy region, we produce brands of kaolin: KN-83 / KN-80 / KS-1 / P-2

From deposit it the Turbivskiy region, we produce brands of kaolin: КFN-2 / KKZT / KE-1 / KE-2 / KX-1

Processing of bentonite and bentonite clays is also an important activity of TKZ.
Bentonite is a soft, fine-grained, heterogeneous rock composed mostly of the clay mineral montmorillonite. Montmorillonite has the characteristic properties of bentonite - high sorption capacity, internal swelling on contact with water, binding and high plasticity. Bentonites have many uses.

Use of bentonite

In the construction industry, bentonites are used for sheathing suspensions, clay-cement mixtures, drilling and insulation works. Bentonites are added to concrete and plaster. Bentonite is used as a filler in paint production. Bentonites are also used in wastewater treatment.

Other uses of bentonite

For cats and small pets, bentonite is used to create bedding that absorbs liquids and odors. In the pharmaceutical industry, bentonites are used as a plasticizer in the production of ointments, powders and cosmetic creams. bentonite Bentonites are added to ceramics as plasticizers. In foundries, bentonite is used as a binder for molding sands. Bentonites are also used in the food industry, for example, to clarify wines, wort or to stabilize beer. In agriculture, bentonites are used as binders in feed production, composting and soil fertilization.

Quartz sand is a material obtained by extraction and classification of natural rounded sand, or by crushing and screening rocks containing silicon.
Quartz sand is used for water filtration, for sandblasting, for the installation of polymer floors, for the manufacture of artificial stone and, for landscape design, etc.

Kaolin Certificates

Application of Kaolin and Bentonite

Kaolin deposit of the Glukhovetskiy region

"Turbiv Kaolin Factory" is a leading mining enterprise in Ukraine, which is engaged in the development of the deposit of kaolin in the Glukhovetskiy region, the extraction and sale of enriched kaolin and quartz sands.

The kaolin deposit in the Glukhovetskiy region is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

Worldwide export

The unique deposits of the Turbivskiy and Glukhovetskiy regions and their first-class kaolin are the reason that we are one of the leading European suppliers around the world. Our kaolin is the basis of industrial and household goods, which are produced in many European countries, Asia, Africa and North America.

North America


We rely on the highest quality standards for kaolin. We ensure its constant monitoring in our own laboratory. We also provide our clients with valuable experience gained from professional laboratory tests. Using the newest technology, we perform chemical analysis, process testing and measurements.